A trendy duffle bag from Amic Bags is all you need to style your travel and make the journey memorable.

Etched with classic colours and magnificent design patterns, and hand-crafted by master artisans, our duffle bags are a delight for the eyes, unique and refreshing, as well as durable and reliable. If your heart beats for everything sustainable and ethical, you will love to know that we use 100% vegan leather material and follow national and international quality standards.

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Truly an explorer’s favourite, Duffle Bags are synonymous with road trips, weekend getaways, summer vacations, spring staycations etc. It is so because you can carry lots of stuff like clothes, food, grocery items, daily essentials and whatnot. An alternative to traditional suitcases, trolleys and bags, duffle bags give an aura of functionality, style and affordability. This is easily seen in our duffle bags with multiple spacious compartments. Plus, they are fit for sports, trekking, and the destination wedding of a loved one because of their utility. A duffle bag is a must-have simply because they are convenient and accessible. Order today! Please note that all of our products are checked at every stage of the process, responsibly made and considered sustainable.