Embark on a memorable work-life journey with Handbags that effortlessly fuses functionality, femininity and fashion.

Handbags are synonymous with women. Every sphere of a woman’s life requires a handbag that can give them good company. At Amic Bags, we understand that and craft amazing handbags keeping only you in mind.

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The handcrafted handbags are made up of the finest quality vegan leather and promise to last long. What’s more, the simple stylistic colours carefully selected are a tribute to the Indian tradition and are loved globally. When you step outside with these graceful and elegant handbags, you can feel the positive vibes all around. In addition to the fashion statement, you can trust the durability and strength of the material used to store away your personal belongings and other essentials safely and be at peace. Special attention is paid to straps so that you can easily and smoothly handle the bags while commuting and amidst a hectic day. You can use our handbags for travelling, picnics, office meetings, college, get-togethers and much more. Please note that all of our products are responsibly made and considered sustainable. They are made of jute clothing material, follow national and international standards of quality and are 100% vegan.